Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1.- Why study with Pharmacology University?

  • Pharmacology University is an organization that not only teaches courses based on theory, but also has a team of professionals with proven experience in the medicinal cannabis industry.

  • The company has been educating for over 12 years

  • Our educational offer is not based on selling courses, but is based on training specialists that positively impact the quality of life of patients with debilitating diseases.


2.- What are the expectations of the medicinal cannabis industry in the United States and Latin America?

The growing and processing of medical cannabis is increasing throughout the USA and Latin America. The therapeutic use of marijuana is allowed in 33 states in the USA and countries like Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, among others. 


All this boom in the cannabis industry brings with it a huge possibility for business, both for investors and for the countries themselves, since this brings with it the need to hire qualified labor in various areas. It requires chemists, pharmacists, biologists, agronomists, doctors, lawyers, public accountants, marketing specialists, psychologists, growers, and many more.



3.- What are the benefits of training in topics related to medical cannabis?


In this new scenario, the range of possibilities is great, only those people who are trained will have the advantage of being able to enter this fascinating and profitable industry. But not only the commercial part is important, but it is also transcendental to be part of the change of mentality that brings a better quality of life to millions of people with special illnesses for which the use of cannabis provides relief.


4.- What does the offer of Pharmacology University courses include?

  • All our courses include the possibility of being taken at the time of your preference. Once the payment is made, you have 3 continuous days to complete it.

  • A downloadable certificate validated by our worldwide recognized CEO, Mr. Dante Picazo President & Co-funder of  Medcan Foundation, Pharmacology University, School of Budtending, The Hemp of Cannabis Institute and Academy of Cannabis Science, advisory board director of Amber Biopharmaceutical. and co-author of budtending 101. And a graduate of Ithaca, New York university AMP

5.- How long are the courses?

  • Each course can vary the time, depending on the subject, But all of them are above 2 hrs of learning duration.

6.- How long can I take to take the courses?

  • Your enrollment in the website does not expire. So you can take the time you need to learn. However, we recommend you to finish it within a month since we have to evaluate the results from the evaluations to email the certification of the completed course.

7.- Will I get a certification?

  • Yes, once all the evaluations are presented with scores above 70%, we will email you the certification for taking the course.


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